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Xtra-PC to the Rescue

Anybody who is used an old PC knows how much of a headache the slow speeds can create. Aging machines can cause a whole host of problems, and they’re not all related to speed. An outdated system can also create security concerns as well as the risk of data loss when hardware begins to fail. The answer is usually to go out and buy a new machine; however, not everyone has the means to do that when the need arises. Luckily, there is a solution.

Xtra-PC USB is a plug-and-play, mobile OS that can be used on virtually any machine. Xtra-PC completely replaces the existing operating system on whatever computer you plug it into my running its own on-board OS. The fact that it is lightweight means that it is always fast the matter how bogged down and sluggish the host machine is. What’s even better is that all of the standard programs that you would need to conduct your daily business and media consumption needs comes preloaded on the device.

Ease of use

Xtra PC is a device that really couldn’t be any easier to use. All that is required is that you plug in the thumb drive to an available USB port, wait for the splash screen that shows up on the computer, and login with your username and password. Once you’ve signed in, a Linux OS container opens up allowing you to work within it. So long as all of the activity carry out happens inside of the Linux container, there are no traces of your activity left behind on the host machine. The device is simply plug-and-play.


While most people use Xtra-PC USB for older computers that are too slow to function at today’s fast-based speeds, there are also other applications for the device. The fact that the Linux-based system lives on a thumb drive means users can carry their OS with them in their pocket wherever they go.

Xtra-PC only requires a working computer to run, and users have their own personalized computing experience. All of the settings, apps, and personal information are secured on the thumb drive, offering the exact same experience no matter where it is used. Another benefit to using Xtra-PC is that once you unplug the device from a computer all of your personal information unplugs as well.


For all the benefits that Xtra PC provides, it is a surprisingly affordable device. There are currently three models to choose from and each comes with a different amount of storage. There is the Xtra PC Turbo 16, the Extra PC Turbo 32, and the Extra PC PRO which is a 64 GB drive. The least expensive of the three is the 16 GB version which is around €31. The 32 GB model follows that up and comes in at a price of almost €45, with the pro version coming in at just over €70. When you consider the price of buying a new machine or taking your old one for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, Xtra PC seems like a no-brainer. Get yours today and start enjoying speeds you deserve.