What Are the Documents Required To Obtain a Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is the most important document of a person’s existence. It helps in keeping the stats known and knowing the birthrate and the death rate. There are several documents that you need to apply for the birth certificate. These will help in the registration of the certificate. The birth certificate is an important thing when it comes to education. A child may be stopped from participating in school without a birth certificate. Then again, this opens up all the health care services for the child. Then again, you will be allowed inheritance only if you have your birth certificate. Without the certificate, you won’t be able to inherit what your family has left behind for you.

You will also have legal protection will not be reaching you as a child if you don’t have a birth certificate. This is a beneficial aspect when it comes to the law for children. You will have a record of existence with the help of the birth certificate. The birth certificate documents are important to get the certificate. These will be required for the availing of the certificate.

Documents Required For Birth Certificate

There are several birth certificate documents that you will require. You will find a few documents that you need for the best results to get the birth certificate. Here are some of the documents you need:

1) Birth Certificates of the Parents – The birth certificate of the parents are needed, and this is an important thing that you will require for the child’s certificate as well.

2) Proof of Birth from Hospital – The hospital where the child was born provides a letter of birth. This is an important thing which is needed for the application of the birth certificate of the child.

3) Identity Proof from Parents – The identity of the parents is also required when you are applying for the birth certificate of the child. This is for the clarification of the needed for the knowledge of the identity of the parents.

4) Marriage Certificates of Parents – The marriage certificate of the parents are required for the child’s birth certificate as well. In case of any complications with the relationship of the parents, then the according documents are to be presented. This is one of the most important birth certificate documents, and you are supposed to present it.

These are the various documents that you will require to work to get the birth certificate for a child. This is required for the children as it will help them in a lot of ways, and on the other hand, the birth certificate is mandatory for all citizens. The amount to apply for a birth certificate is only INR 20. However, if you apply after twenty-one days of birth, then you have to pay the overdue fine accordingly.

These are the various things that you should know about the birth certificate of a child. You also need the documents as mentioned above for the child as well.