What are the different steps to apply for a digital signature certificate?

We are living in a world where technology has made our life easier. The day to day paper works and documents have become so smooth and easy. There are no longer any limitations on running smooth business or personal lives. Just like the invoices need handwritten signatures, in the same manner the electronic signature also requires validity and authentication. There are certain requirements while obtaining a certificate of a digital signature.

Things that you need for applying digital signature certificate:

There are certain requirements that you need for applying a certificate which can be listed as follows:

  • The DSC Application form has to be filled up by the user and submitted on time.
  • After successfully submitting the forms, the user applying for digital signature online needs to provide verification details which includes: A photo ID Proof and an address proof.

To fill up the digital signature online, you need to log in to the website of the certified authority.

Steps for applying a digital signature certificate:

Below mentioned are the detailed steps for applying a digital signature certificate:

  • Log in to the website and choose the entity type– You should first choose a certified and licensed authority to get your certificates. Now log onto the website and once you enter, you will be soon redirected to the digital certification services section and under this head you need to click on the type of business for which you wish to apply the DSC. It can be both for a business purpose and for an individual. In case you are not obtaining for an organization, then click on the ‘individual’ DSC. You will be taken to a new tab with a fresh registration form. Now download this form in your desktops.
  • Fill up the information’s carefully– Once you have completed the download process, you should fill up the necessary details with utmost care. The digital signature form will require you to mention the followings: Class of the DSC, Validity, Name and contact details of the applicant, The type of signature (sign and encrypt or sign only), residential address of the applicant, Attestation officer, Documents of address proof, GST number and details of identification of document proofs, payment details and documents for identity proof. After filling up all the necessary details, you are required to fix your passport sized photograph and put your signature under the terms and conditions section. To be on the safe side, take a photocopy of the form before submitting.
  • Identity and address proof– The proofs of identity and address needs attestation by a confirming authority. Make sure that the signature is visible on the proof documents.
  • Payments of DSC- You need to issue a cheque or a demand draft along with the application in the name of local registration authority where you will be submitting applications for verification.

If you are getting digital signature online, then you just have to select the payment option online and choose the type of submission- whether you want to directly courier to the registered authority or you want it to be picked up at the doorstep. By following these ways you can easily get a DSC.