Smartest Options for the Digitization and Its Effects

The digitization of businesses has become a very common practice also in our country: now there are more and more companies that decide to exploit new technologies to speed up business processes and save costs.

We live this reality every day working with courageous and increasingly innovative companies, now used to sending documents by e-mail or digital invoicing. However, there are also realities that are struggling to use these new methods of business management, for fear of novelty and the lack of qualified personnel. But we think it’s time for everyone to change, especially because the digitalization of business processes could bring so many advantages to every sector. What are they? Let’s see them in detail about the impact of digitization.

Digitization of business processes: what is the news?

Corporate digitalization is a democratic revolution, that is, it offers the same advantages regardless of the sector of reference and the tasks of each business area: from accounting, to the production department to that relating to communication and marketing.

The new technologies have allowed many companies to face and overcome the crisis effectively, radically changing the management method: the condition, however, is to eradicate the old mentality of paper archives, voice communications or physical presence to move to an approach innovative based on sending communications via e-mail, videoconference meetings, customer assistance via chat or WhatsApp until the dispatch of electronic invoices. The companies that accepted this challenge were able to see results in a short time.

If you also want to take the plunge, you feel ready to revolutionize entire areas of your office, this is the right moment: in fact, why not turn it into a good purpose for 2016?

The advantages of company digitalization are many. First of all, think about how much paper you could save if you consult your documents on the computer instead of printing each time a paper copy: this would allow you to free up different areas of the office from archives and folders, to better exploit them. Moreover, having everything inside a computer you could speed up every process of the company, because there would be no more need to consult huge folders of documents before finding what you need.

  • Also the Government has taken a step forward in this direction with electronic invoicing to the Public Administration or with the birth of PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) which also allows a document sent by e-mail to have the same value as a receipt with registered letter of return.

Surely you also use these two tools in your company, but you could go further, experimenting with new management software, what do you think?

Among the advantages brought by these new digital systems, an important role is played by the cost savings and the space that was previously used for paper archives and cabinets full of catalogs and documents. Today fortunately all these documents can be contained in a folder in the form of files and be recovered in a short time with a telematic search.

Digitization in the company: where to start?

This process is different from company to company: some companies have to completely change their workforce, looking for experienced professionals, while others need only some improvement because they are already on the right track.