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Marketing 101 on Facebook

Facebook is still the largest and most widely-used social media platform today. Unlike other social media apps, people are most likely found on Facebook. Users get to connect with friends and family using the app, share content such as photos, videos, and news, play games, and more.

However, Facebook is not just a social media platform for communication, but it is also perfect for online marketing and businesses. It is more than just an app where you can make friends. Facebook can also help you reach a broader range of audiences, in which it can be beneficial for business and company owners to market their brand.

In this article, we will discuss how to market on Facebook, what certain app features should business owners use, and how to manage Facebook pages. This is a great way to help customers and business owners alike to get linked to each other. 

Facebook Is Not Just A Social Media App

Aside from Facebook’s extensive emoji set, such as the flower emoji, crying emoji, and heart reacts, the app offers so much more. The best part is that businesses looking for ways to innovate and market online could use Facebook as their platform. 

But first, let us tackle what Facebook marketing is. Facebook marketing means to create and openly utilize a page on Facebook as a channel of communication to stay in touch with and gain clients. 

For this reason, Facebook effectively offers users the ability to build social and official profiles or company accounts of businesses, groups, or any community that seeks to establish a customer base, an excellent service, or a business brand.

Utilize Your Facebook Business Page To Its Limit

A Facebook account is a great free company marketing resource. These accounts allow companies to distinguish themselves – not just by displaying brand goods and services, but also by providing related links, photos, and articles on a personalized page to give a greater understanding of the personality and style of a company. 

Your corporate Facebook page is an excellent location for developing your brand recognition and showing your human aspect. There’s Facebook where you can loosen up your collar a bit – so don’t be scared to be humorous.

Advertise On Facebook Using Facebook Ads

Facebook provides its very own type of Facebook advertising, which appears on Facebook sidebars. These iconic advertisements are quite known merely as Marketplace Ads. Users can put their business ads there for viewers to see.

They provide a version article, a picture, and a tap-through link to either a social media page, a Facebook page, or an external homepage. Instituting Facebook ads into the marketing campaign on Facebook is one potential tactic for growing views or pushing traffic on the platform.

There are also features that Facebook Ads offer, which makes them unique among others. One is having a demographic target audience navigated by Facebook user data using age, location, interests, and education.

Facebook Ads also can offer ad budgets that will suit the needs of the business’ marketing strategy. Business owners will not worry about buying a fixed ad price but will also have the option to acquire one that will suit their budget.

Host Facebook Contests

One Facebook marketing strategy that may raise followers and brand recognition are holding Facebook competitions, raffles, or giveaways. Companies should use a third-party app to create their Facebook tournament, then lead users from their Facebook page to the application.

When executing a Facebook competition, be conscious that competitions can not be organized via Facebook itself (implying you can’t ask for submissions, people post responses in the comments). 

Boost Facebook Posts

Boosted posts allow Facebook page users to pay a flat amount to have their posts reach a certain percentage of subscribers, boosting the engagement and opinions of a particular post. 

Some companies have kept asking-why should I let out money to make sure my article is viewed by user groups who are my supporters? When a person has enjoyed my blog, shouldn’t they still see my articles on their Facebook feed? The explanation is no because it presumes people spend each waking hour of their lives feeding on news from Facebook.

If a supporter of yours looks at their Facebook Newsfeed when you share your article, they’ll probably see it, but there’s no assurance if other articles flood their Facebook feed. This is where Promoted Posts arises- it increases your chances for your post to be seen on a person’s Facebook feed. 

Final Thoughts

Consistent communication is an essential facet of Facebook marketing. Creating a Facebook page and then abandoning it will do nothing for a company. An organization will periodically publish new content in a range of ways to draw followers so that more users see and spread the link. 

Content can share upcoming promotions, events, future products or people, share fun and interactive content, provide discounts and promo codes on product and service, and other stuff that catches followers’ interest.