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How you can use storage units to build your business

You may not realise this, but storage units can be used to help build your business. They have multiple purposes, and you have to be clever in how you use them. But, if you follow some of the tips/ideas laid out below, then you’ll be able to use storage units to build your company and see some growth!

Use storage units to collect your materials/equipment

When starting a company, you need to think about all the different things you need to run the business. For example, if you’re starting a construction business, then you need various tools and equipment. In this example, you can rent or buy them, and collect everything in your storage unit. 

The same goes for other business ideas; use your storage unit as a place to hold everything while you wait for work. It can also be used to store items in-between jobs, reducing the risk of you losing your crucial equipment, or it being stolen from you. 

Transform a storage unit into your warehouse

Loads of small businesses begin in the home. You have an idea for a product, you get it made, and you sell it from your home. All of your products get stored in your property, and you sometimes expand out to your garage as well. 

However, the time comes where you run out of room. The orders are piling up, but you find yourself unable to keep up with them. Your stock keeps running low, so you have some frustrated customers contacting you and asking when things will be back and ready to purchase. Now, if you rented a storage unit and turned it into a small warehouse, then you have more room to handle orders. You can order in a larger supply of products, meaning you can potentially make more sales. 

For example, imagine you can only hold 200 products in your home. You sell everything exceptionally quickly, and now you have to wait for more stock to arrive. What if your storage unit could hold 1000 products? Now, you’d make the 200 sales, but you could make another 800 before everything sells out. You reduce the empty time where you can’t make any money because you don’t have enough stock to offer! As a result, your business will grow and get bigger. 

Get more space to work in

Similarly, storage units in Southwark offer more working space for your business. Let’s say you start off working from home – or a tiny office with room for one desk. If you want to build your business and expand, then you may hire one or two extra people. With their help, you can get through more work in less time. 

With a storage unit, you have an alternative option to an office. It’s cheaper than moving into a larger office and much bigger than your one at home. There could be room for you and your two employees, giving you somewhere to work together. Thanks to their arrival, your business starts to perform better. Eventually, you make enough money to afford a better office. But, the storage unit is the perfect solution to bridge the gap until you’re ready. 

By taking advantage of the versatility of storage units, you can use them to grow and build your business. They’re ideal for new startups, but more established businesses that are looking to expand can utilise them too.