How Ad Templates Are Now The New Fad in Facebook Advertising!

The role of advertising in a business cannot be overemphasized. Every day, new strategies are discovered on how to run a business online and offline for better sales smoothly. One of the many platforms that have, however, contributed to the online world is Facebook. 

With new APIs, Update tools, and Business tools, advertising is set to take a different, incredible turn. 

Five years ago, Stories launched, and its features have been more than extraordinary. It integrates a fullscreen immersive environment, which has made life easier for individuals and business owners. Currently, there is a record of over a billion Stories shared per day. Therefore, there is no doubt that it will drive sales and create enthusiasm in online shoppers’ hearts. 

For the smooth running of businesses with ads through Stories, Facebook introduced the Stories Template. The mechanism in which this advertising tool works is: it converts an image automatically into an ad for Stories on platforms like Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. Therefore, as a business owner, you won’t have to spend so much time creating an ad to reach a target audience anymore. 

What are the Stories Templates?

The advantage of using Stories Templates is that businesses can flexibly customize pre-existing ads without stress. The templates can also be used for other purposes like Lead Generation and Conversions, Improving Traffic and Reach, Brand Creating Brand Awareness, and App Installs. All of these are made possible on a mobile device due to the design of this tool.

How Does Stories Templates Work? 

Using this tool for sponsorizzazone Facebook doesn’t require any technical know-how; all you have to do are the following: 

  1. Start by using the Ads Manager to create an ad


  1. Using the Ads Level, create an image ad


  1. After the image creation, tap “Select a Placement” to customize


  1. Choose Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Messenger Stories


  1. When a pop-up notification comes on, change the template by choosing “Change Template.”


  1. Preview the ad and use other tools to customize the stories. You can add music, text, background color, or change aspect ratio, headline, etc. 


  1. Click on “Save.” Review the design 


  1. Confirm the ad

This tool will only work after you’ve connected your Facebook or Instagram, or Messenger business accounts to the Ads Manager. With this Ads Template, marketers and business owners will find it easy and less stressful to create ads that will reach an audience without much work.