Common Environments Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Colorado Occur

Slip-and-fall injuries account for a lot of personal injury accident claims in Colorado. While these accidents are quite common in elderly people, they can also occur to anyone and anywhere. Injuries that result from slip-and-fall accidents can be life-changing and the victim will usually need compensation for their injuries. To increase their chances of getting the compensation they deserve, they must work with one of the best Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys. If you are a victim of a slip-and-fall accident, you can request a free trial consultation with a lawyer.

There are different environments that frequently see slip-and-fall accidents. By being aware of these environments, people will become more aware of this critical problem. These environments include the following:

Parking Lots and Sidewalks

These places can be risky because of accidents that involve motor vehicles and pedestrians. But, slip-and-falls frequently happen because of poor sidewalk and parking lot maintenance. It is important that proper owners check their property regularly for uneven sidewalks or gaps between the sidewalks and parking lot pavement. The best personal injury lawyers have concluded successful negligence cases against properties with slip-and-fall areas that can cause serious injuries.  

Retail Stores and Restaurants

A lot of slip-and-fall accidents take place when shoppers who walk around restaurants, malls, grocery stores, and other retail businesses. These accidents occur because of excess floor wax or polish, frayed carpets, and unmarked wet floor. During unfavorable weather conditions, these accidents can happen because of a lack of non-skid mats inside or outside stores.

Job Sites

Wet floors, loose handrails, damaged flooring, unsafe working conditions that involve ladders and scaffolding, and narrow pathways are common causes of slip-and-fall accidents in job sites. Some of these cases may fall under workers’ compensation laws instead of personal injury cases. An experienced lawyer will dig into a case to know which category it falls under.