What Information Can You Share with an Insurance Company After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs?

After a car crash in Colorado Springs, you will be contacted by a representative for other driver’s insurance company. What you say to this person will determine how much of your car repair you will have to cover using your own money. Because of this, you need to know what exactly to say when giving statements to insurance companies. In addition, you must remember that these companies want to settle for as little money as possible and will use any statement will give against you and your claim. But, you don’t have to deal with the insurance company yourself. By hiring a colorado springs car accident lawyer, the insurance company cannot take advantage of your innocence and rights. Your lawyer knows what insurance companies are looking for and can handle complicated negotiations for you.

What You Can Share with Your Insurance Company

If you file a claim against your insurance company, you will have to provide it with some information related to your claim. The pieces of information you need to share include the following:

  • The facts of your accident. When sharing the facts of your accident with the insurance adjuster, be concise. Give only the date, time, and conditions that led up to the accident. 
  • Your account of the damage. Aside from describing the damage caused by the accident, consider giving or acquiring photos of your car. Never estimate the amount of damage caused or speculate the fault for these damages.
  • Witness identity. If someone witnessed your car crash, you need to get their name and contact information and give this to the insurance company. 
  • All people involved in the accident. You must get the personal information of the driver, including their full name and phone number, drivers’ license, and license plate number. Also, get their insurance company contact number, personal information of any passengers, and basic vehicle information. 

When Sharing Information with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

When you speak with a representative for the insurance company of the other driver, you need to stay calm. This way, you won’t end up saying something that can be used against you. Also, limit what you have to say. You are not obliged to discuss your employment, income, or timeline beyond the crash with the representative. You should only give information such as your name, address, and telephone number. Be polite in refusing to offer any information beyond the basics.