What custom shipping containers are the strongest?

Shipping containers are the next companion of goods after they are perfectly packed in the most suitable packaging. However, have you ever thought that a custom shipping container can really make your dream of owning a strong home come true?

Yes, it can. And the best part is that you can trust these strong metal structures and can invest in them without ever worrying about the durability of the structure of your home or office or for any structure that you build through these shipping containers.

Custom shipping containers with the following characteristics are one of the strongest and most durable structures.

The Strong Structure

Shipping Containers- Strength

There is no comparison of these cargo containers with conventional wood construction. Wood is a much lighter structure compared to the heavy-duty steel of a shipping container.

The wall of the container is built with the panels of rust-resistant corrugated sheet steel. And these panels are secured well with the main structure through welding.

Besides, all the rails & frames consist of rust-resistant tubular steel.

The structure is so strong that you can stack these containers one over the other up to nine layers.

Roof & Floor- It is sustainable

The die-stamp corrugated steel sheets provide the roof of cargo containers to fulfill its purpose of providing protection from the top.

The bottom is a strong structure with thicker cross members. In addition, it has horizontal depressions to facilitate lifting through mounting carriers.

The floor over the bottom is generally thick plywood secured with the cross members under it.

Weather Resistant

They are one of the sturdiest structures that can withstand the most adverse weather conditions. They are designed to resist heavy snowfalls, windstorms, cyclones, and hurricanes. Besides they can even withstand mild to moderate earthquakes.

The special steel ensures no corrosion even in the most rust-friendly conditions.

More than being Strong

Custom shipping containers are not only strong they offer many other benefits to their owners.


While the wood structures are most susceptible to fire, cargo containers are fire-resistant steel structures.

Reduce Waste

Recycling cargo containers help in reducing global waste and also provide a very strong and durable alternative to users.

Easy to build and use

Cargo containers are highly convenient structures. They are already built in the cubicle shapes along with beams, roof, bottom, and flooring thus making it extremely easy to design a house or a cabin.

Besides, you can expand vertically or horizontally by adding on more containers to it.

Give your own design

You can give it your favorite exterior and interior design and can decorate it internally as per your choice. You can make it colorful and stylish to your taste.

Final Words

There is no doubt about the strength and durability of custom shipping containers. And if you are also considering building a useful enclosed space for yourself, these containers can be a great choice for you.