This is why you should pay attention to your workers working in the factory:

Bangladesh Garment Workers Face Ruin Due to Coronavirus - The New York Times

Every company that makes a considerable amount of profit has a good healthy working environment. This is the only way to ensure maximum productivity. However, things like newer machineries equipped with latest technology, do enhance the production process. But your workers are the one who are responsible to keep this process of manufacturing going on. There are various factory owners out there who do not care about their employees and make them to work all day long. They do not even pay them overtime and use them for their own good. You have to keep in mind that the companies whose aim is to make profit for themselves as well as for their workers are the ones, which really thrive in the long run.

Introduce some fun activities in the workplace to boost the confidence of your employees:

It is very important to let your workers engage in activities which can refresh their mind by taking it off from the work. Various factories that are known to do well usually have a play area where workers can rest and play games for a while. Apart from that, it is also crucial that you pay them some extra money when you make a huge profit. Always remember that they deserve their share whenever your business does good as it is because of them.

Get them the latest machineries so it could lessen their burden of work:

Latest industrial solutions are the things that you should definitely consider getting for your factory. This will not only reduce the stress on your workers but also enhance your production rate. The machineries nowadays are fully automatic which does not require much of human intervention. Such technologies are equipped with artificial intelligence which can let you know about any issue in advance before it will happen in the manufacturing process.