The Guide To Becoming A Good Bricklayer

A bricklayer is essentially someone that lays bricks. You’ll be working in the construction industry, in projects ranging from commercial to residential. You’ll usually be working alongside a team of other bricklayers. A project manager will be around to supervise you. They will also be able to answer any questions that you might have about the project.

The key to securing steady work as a bricklayer is to simply be good at your job. There’s always work available in the construction industry, so you should get regular work throughout the year. But how do you ensure that you’re considered a good bricklayer? If you want to be seen as a good bricklayer, then the following tips should be able to help you:

1. You Should Enjoy Doing Practical Work 

Not everyone wants to sit at an office all day while working on a document. Some people want to be able to work with their hands. Are you interested in work that is more physically active, and requires you to practically engage yourself throughout the day? Then becoming a bricklayer could be perfect for you.

A bricklayer should enjoy working with their hands, and spending long hours doing physical work. You’ll be able to touch what you’re working with, and will be responsible for actively contributing to the construction process. If you enjoy doing practical work, then becoming a bricklayer might suit you.

2. You Should Be Able To Work Outdoors 

A lot of the work that a bricklayer does, is done outdoors. If you enjoy spending time outside, then this career path might be for you. You’ll be spending long hours outside, directly exposed to the elements. This means working under the harsh rays of the Sun for long hours at a stretch.

You’ll also find yourself needing to work at heights. If you’re scared of heights or enjoy keeping your feet squarely on the ground, then this may not be the career path for you. You should have good physical strength and stamina, and should be capable of working outdoors for long hours at a time.

3. You Should Have Great Hand-Eye Coordination 

Having great hand-eye coordination is essential for bricklayers. The movement of your hands should be in tune with what your eyes see. As a bricklayer, there are several advantages to having good hand eye coordination. You’ll be able to finish your work in a fast and precise manner.

Consider investing in trade insurance as well. This is because working as a bricklayer can expose you to certain career risks. When you have trade insurance, you gain the coverage to protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about trade insurance, then click here.

4. You Should Have Good Technical Aptitude 

Not only do you have to be physically fit to be a bricklayer, but you should have good technical aptitude as well. There’s more to your job than just laying bricks and mortar. Even before you can begin the process of bricklaying, you’ll need to understand the project thoroughly first. You should be capable of reading basic blueprints, and have the basic technical aptitude needed to understand what the project entails.

You should also have good physical fitness. The good news is that when you work as a bricklayer, you already get a lot of the exercise you need to be fit, on the job. This is why people who enjoy being physically fit and active, tend to enjoy working as bricklayers.

5. You Should Know When To Be A Team Player 

As a bricklayer, you don’t always have to be a team worker. There are times when you’ll find yourself needing to work independently as well. You should know when you’re required to work by yourself, and when you’re required to work with others. When you’re working independently, you should ensure that you get your portion of the work done, as well as you can.

You should also be a good team worker, since you’ll find yourself working in teams almost every other day. You should know how to communicate with the other bricklayers, and work together to get the job done on time.


Having all the skills mentioned in this guide pretty much ensures that you’re a good bricklayer. But to be a great bricklayer, you need to have the right attitude as well. You should also not skip out on work, but regularly be present when you need to be.

When you reach work on time, are dedicated, as well as ambitious enough to do your work well, this can benefit your career. Not only will you enjoy success as a bricklayer, but you can also go on to become a professional builder. You can even reach a managerial position in the construction industry.