The Advantages of Running HR from a Cloud based System


Years ago, the Human Resources Department would have looked shabby and unkempt with many staff hurrying around trying to do filing, faxing, filling in paperwork and leaving the desktop looking like the office had been trashed. 

Files and folders stored tightly onto shelves contained codes of conduct, employee appraisals, contracts, policy documents and work instructions would be busting out of the folders. When you thought you had found the file you searching for, a sheer relief turned to frustration as you tugged the file off the shelf and brought down several other important documents that had been wedged tightly in next to it. 

Thankfully, due to digitalisation, these days are now long behind us. If they are not, then it is high time your business made it into the 21st century and discovered the advantages of running the HR department digitally through a Cloud based system. 

The Avantus HR Workplace One HR Platform acts as a partner to your HR department – and not just a product. It has its sights set firmly on the future. This means that when technology starts to change and new ideas and devices come into play, the Workplace One HR Platform adapts right along with it. 

A platform that is based on the cloud means it can be accessed [within reason and authorisation] by all. Let’s say one employee is discussing with family members about a holiday overseas during the month of September and he does not know if his department can sanction the time off. He could search through the HR platform and check the availability of free dates that he can take off work. 

The advantages of having the HR platform based on the cloud is that employees can access key personal information. This can be achieved [providing there is a Wi-Fi connection] at any time throughout the day and night. 

The advantages of running HR platforms, which are based on the cloud, can be seen where some workers are actually home-based employees. By working from home, some employees reduce their carbon footprint by not travelling into the office every single day. 

In many instances, the work performed by the HR department can easily be achieved simply by connecting to any computer with a Wi-Fi connection. This allows for access to the cloud and work can be carried out throughout the day or night.