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Rewards And Recognition: 15 Ways That Will Impress Your Employees

The human mind has always worked at its best when motivated. Thus, as an astute employer, it is upon you to keep your employees motivated. One way to do that is by rewarding them! However, vague and useless rewards don’t go too far when it comes to keeping your employees satisfied. Thus, your rewarding system needs to be based on the parameters of what they truly seek. Essentially, all humans seek power, respect, and money. Perhaps why, all organizations endeavour to satiate their employees during the annual appraisal.

Most employees get a hike in their salaries, job roles, and climb up in the organizational hierarchy. However, once-a-year isn’t enough to keep your employees happy, and we understand that monthly promotions would leave you in a tricky spot. So, to help you with the dilemma on how to keep your employees motivated and productive, we present to you a comprehensive list of 15 small yet powerful rewarding methods for your employees. Read on! You should further seek out the help of professionals such as GRS, who not only comes with a variety of reward solutions but also ensure rewarding your employees is affordable for you too.

  1. Essential perks:

Let’s start with the basics. To ensure your employees truly feel that you too add value to their life, essentials such as a good health insurance policy for them as well as their family should be provided.

  1. Shopping vouchers:

From shopping vouchers for daily commodities at a retail shop to vouchers for massages, salons, and spa, you could diversify how you want to reward your employees for different achievements.

  1. Lunch on the house:

Lunch is that one time of the workday when people meet and discuss things. You could use this opportunity to bond with your colleagues and recognize their grievances. Moreover, you could have one specific day designated for a special meal that’s on the house for the top performers.

  1. Travel break:

Nothing says “detox” quite like travel. Hard-working people often need a break, and they would appreciate it if you gave them a choice on where they would like to go on a full-paid trip sponsored by their acknowledging employees.

  1. A trip to Disneyland:

This could always be used to encourage employees who have kids. Moreover, let’s admit it: Who among the adults too would skip on Disneyland, if given a chance! After all, it’s the happiest place in the world.

  1. Work from home:

More and more companies are going remote and allowing people the flexibility to work from anywhere on the globe. You too could include the work from home provision, at least for 2 days a week, for your best-performing employees. This would add flexibility to their routine and thus, enhance their productivity. Moreover, letting them choose their own schedule helps them feel they are valued and trusted by their employer.

  1. No-work days:

For those employees who finish off before time, there should be a provision to let them have a day-off and come back with the same speed for the new projects.

  1. Useful gifts:

While most organizations gift their employees around the festival season, not a lot of those gifts are useful. You could alleviate this problem if you understand your employees deeper.

  1. The employee of the Month:

Most organizations run this contest, and you could use it to add more excitement to the workspace. The winner of the contest could be awarded a trophy, medal, or something of their choice.

  1. Boss for a day:

Let’s face it: who doesn’t want to be the boss! The best performing employees should get to sit on that chair and experience the profile for a day.

  1. Throw them a party:

What better way to celebrate milestones than actual celebrations! You should allow the top performers to choose how they want the party to look like, and of course, to manage the monetary aspects, you could assign a group of people among your organization the task of party finance management.

  1. Nap day:

In Japan, employees who have outdone their target for the day are allowed to take a nap in a comfy peaceful room. No wonder Japan is super productive, and you could be too!

  1. Performance emails:

It is important you recognise the efforts of each of your employees, and for that, you could send out monthly reminders or analytics to each one of them with their individual reports. Alternatively, you could give them access to their time tracker work data, so that they could keep track of their performance on an ongoing basis.

  1. Assigning wishes, not tasks!

When your employees are given a choice to pick their own projects, they add passion to the system. Passion is known to be directly proportionate to results.

  1. Thank-you notes:

Last but not least, you don’t always have to spend extravagantly to make someone feel rewarded. A simple heartfelt thank you note or better yet, verbally acknowledging your best talent in front of all their peers could get them the respect they have always desired.