NASDAQAIRR stock facts

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The investment objective with Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. seeks a better profit of the investment. You make sure to check out the previous investment results before start investing. You can watch out an index of the investment company. The index is designed for watching out the performance of small or Mid Cap US-based companies in the industrial sectors.

The stock issue of the company is the first trust portfolio. The expense ratio is 0.7 %.The Asset class of the company is a portfolio multi-asset. The company comes in the sector of industrial equities. The Asset under the management of a company is 44.48 million. The net asset value of the company is 27.80 $.Total Holdings of the company is 59.

Top holders of NASDAQ: AIRR

Here is the list of top holders of NASDAQ: AIRR at These companies are holding the stocks of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., or the percentage rate is mentioned below-

  • GNRC (Generac Holdings Inc) 51%
  • FIX (Comfort Systems USA Inc)  38%
  • PWR (Quanta Services Inc) 16%
  • PRLB (Proto Labs Inc)          13%
  • EME (EMCOR GROUP)    12%
  • ECOL (US Ecology Inc) 11%
  • MWA (Mueller Water Products Inc) 1%
  • PLOW (Douglas Dynamics Inc) 07%
  • ASTE (Astec Industries Inc)    94%


Consider the details of the history rating chart that will help to know about the details of the everyday. One can consider the details of every rating when it comes to investing the NASDAQ: AIRR. According to the previous reports, the amount of stock is decreased.


It’s an ideal way to both of the previous dividend ofBrown Brothers Harriman & Co. It will help to invest the right amount of money on the stocks of the company. On the previous date, the pay-out amount is 0.05 dollars. One month ago, the price return of the stock was 17. 96%.

Analysis chart

Analyzation of the chart will help to know better all the components of investing in the stock market. As well as, you can watch the dividend shares of the company. According to the chart, the latest price of the stock is 27.7 US dollars.

Those who want to get more information about the stock valuation of pricing can you can watch the latest feeds. One can scroll the official website of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.,Or it will help to better know about all the latest news that proves very beneficial as an investor. If you want to invest in the stop, it’s an ideal way to grab all the details of the previous chats about the company. This will help to invest wisely rather than lose the money if you are curious to invest in the stock. You can open a brokerage account and start investing in stocks. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.