Low Cost Tent Rental: Everything You Need To Know

With the brick boom, the tent rental businesses were greatly benefited. There were constant openings, fairs were crowded, and popular festivals spared no expense when renting or buying American tent.

In the tent manufacturing or rental sector, there was a crisis that led to the closure or, in the best of cases, a significant reduction in workforce that forced most companies to carry out an economic restructuring and a rethinking of the business. It is here when a competitive market based on the fight to get customers at any price begin to open up, which led to the reduction of the square meter of the tent to the point of losing money to get or keep the customer.

Cost Of Renting A Tent For The Company

As in any other business, a company seek to obtain minimal benefits in exchange for offering the best of services, but how much does it cost to offer that service?

To determine the rental price of a tent to a client, the company must take into account certain factors. Below are some of them:

  1. Purchase Of Material To Be Able To Assemble It

In this case, the same material could be used for several assemblies since it is reusable.

  1. Purchase Of Machinery To Machine The Profiles

Although this is considered an investment since it could last for years, you have to take into account this machinery to be able to amortize it.

  1. Maintenance Of The Ship

To carry out all the manufacturing work, a large space is needed in which all the machinery placed with all the profiles and tarpaulins stored will go. It is a cost or expense to consider.

  1. Tent Assembly

Tent installers or assemblers usually have a salary based on the hours of assembly. To get an idea for a simple tent of about 10 × 15 meters, it would take at least three people for 3 or 4 hours.

  1. Transportation

To transport a tent of a certain size, you need a truck. A truck requires special circulation permits and of course, consumes much more than a car.

  1. Maintenance Of Workers

This is essential in any service company. Normally in the tent companies, there are two types of operators, the assemblers and those who work in the factory. Depending on the company, they can be combined, or each one can have its specified role.