How to convert BTC to USD

Converting a BTC to USD was a hard thing some time ago, as it was considered a tricky or an unclear process for most people. But everything has become easier nowadays as new opportunities are emerging for using Bitcoin or other crypto coins such as Bytom.

Thousands of cryptocurrency traders exist in the international crypto system and everyday Bitcoin transactions worth over $16 billion take place. This means that millions of people are trying to convert BTC to USD.

Crypto trading and trading tools like a coin checker are increasing in popularity. Yet, many people still don’t know how to convert a United States Dollar to a Bitcoin and vise versa.

So let’s figure out how to convert crypto to fiat!

The first step is to look through all the exchanges with their rates pick the best of them. Exchange rates differ so you need to be careful. For example, one can offer to change 1 BTC $5000 and another will offer 1 BTC to $5,200. You also should take into account the volume and liquidity of the platform.

You should find a service that has comparatively low payments. Exchanges usually require fees for conversion. Often there is a fixed fee that doesn’t depend on how much you are going to convert and there are some services that require a certain percentage of your exchange amount, but those fees are usually changing and you had better follow the payment changes to stay updated.

Make sure you have chosen a safe exchange. One of the ways to be sure of the site’s security is to check reviews from famous and trusted web pages. One more important point is that the site the service uses is made in its URL. Besides, you will also need a conversion site ensuring that only you will be allowed to confirm, approve and accept bitcoin conversions and this is possible through a site with two-step identification.

Some sites work faster than the rest. So when choosing a conversion service this is also worth taking into account. Many sites transmit the bitcoin after five days but the others can convert the BTC to USD and transfer to your account in three days or even less.

Then you sign up to your account which will require your name, phone number, address and all the necessary information for signing up. When you have already created your account you should choose the option that is the most secure. It is advised to utilize the two-parts identification, the account will require a passcode and your code.

The Signature option should be activated too. This requires various confirmations and approvals and only after it, it makes the conversion of bitcoin. All these options are very important as they protect from hackers and theft, so you should enable all of them if they are offered.

The next step is depositing your bitcoins. This process is very easy, you just click the offered pick but there is a special mechanism to deposit bitcoins, it depends on the way your bitcoins are kept now.

If you keep your bitcoins in a wallet you will probably be asked to upload the folder, if they have a printed out code, you will have to enter it, and if you are having problems with depositions, you can turn to the client support. To effectively monitor your Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies that you hold in the wallet check out the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker guide.