How Is Premium Calculated For My Maruti Car? 

It is mandatory to get your car insured under the Indian law. You can easily get Maruti insurance online through the Maruti Insurance Broking Company or any other partner companies. Buying the policy online has a transparent and hassle-free process. While buying car insurance, the amount of premium to be paid is one of the major concerns. While you cannot know the exact amount of premium unless directly told by the insurer, you can easily get a clear estimate of the amount. It is always advisable to compare the policies offered by different companies and then make the right choice. Online premium calculator is now provided by most insurance companies to make the comparison easy. 

Online premium calculator is a tool that is found on the website of the insurers as well as the insurance aggregators. You just need to fill in the key details in the calculator and it will give you quotes for the premium payments. Some of these basic details include policyholder’s name, contact and address details, details of the vehicle to be insured, etc. Insurers also give the option of whether the policyholder wants to insure the accessories of the car as well. After filling in all the required details, you just need to click on ‘calculate premium’, and an instant quote will be generated. 

By following this method, you can easily compare the deals offered by different companies in the market and thus secure the best deal. The same procedure can be used even for second hand cars. Each insurer follows unique premium calculation method, but there are certain key factors that affect the premium rates like age of the policyholder, model, year of manufacture of the car, fuel type, cubic capacity, geographical zone, etc. Apart from these, premium rates are also affected by the add-on covers that the policyholder selects.   

Hence, the factors that make up the total premium rate of your car are as follows

  • Insured Declared Value
  • Cubic Capacity
  • Age of Vehicle
  • Geographical Zone
  • Add-on Cover, if opted
  • Third Part Liability (as defined time-to-time by IRDAI)
  • Owner-Driver Personal Accident (PA) Cover for Rs. 15 lacs
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount
  • CNG / LPG – Inbuilt or External

To save and get best deals on your Maruti car insurance, follow the following steps-

  • Compare all insurance plans online
  • Check the IDV of your vehicle.
  • Opting for voluntary deductibles is a great way to avail discounts on premium. However, the selected deductible amount must be paid at the time of claim.
  • Choose add-ons as per your requirement; for e.g. paid driver cover is not required if you are driving the vehicle.

You can check, compare, and buy Maruti insurance for your car that is offered by Bharti AXA at reasonable premium rates and easy claim settlement policy.