How Does Professional Accountant Help You with IRS?

IRS- this name is enough to send down a chill through the spine of any business owner as they receive an audit notice. But you are not alone in this as many other business owners receive the same as well. Even businesses filing tax at proper time can receive a notice as IRS find some discrepancies. No doubt it is a stressful situation for the business owners and it is really tough to deal with this especially when you have to take care of the business as well. That is why we need the help of a professional accountant who employs all his or her experience and knowledge in dealing with the IRS. 

The IRS letters

There are specific reasons that trigger the IRS notice. As one files the taxes, the agency checks it. When they find any discrepancy that requires an explanation, you get a notice from their part. If the paid amount is short than what they have calculated, they call you up for an explanation. Sometimes, you get selected for audit and you receive the letter. The IRS turns to you when you miss the deadline for tax dues or tax return filing. They also send you a notice when you fail to respond timely to previous correspondence. As the whole process of audit is nerve-wracking, the Taxpayer Bill Rights allows one to get the help of a tax professional. A California accountant does this job efficiently by providing constant support to the taxpayer. 

Professional guidance helps

As you are up for audit, you should prepare for a meeting with IRS officer. There is no reason to assume the things the officers might want to check. It is better to let the official take a look at what he or she asks for. You should ever let them get access to more than that. If the official asks for online access to your files, make sure to choose the files from the concerned year. Never let them get to other files as you might open yourself to more scrutiny. A professional accountant has a clear idea of the whole process and knows the things they might ask for. They guide their clients properly so that they can deal with the whole auditing process properly. 

Audit representation

Professional accountants respond to your received correspondence in a professional manner and you don’t have to answer them directly. You won’t need to face the IRS directly as well as the professional will contact them on your behalf. They represent your case and fight on your side as any issue comes up. As the process of audit is tough and there are more things than you can even think of. Though you might think yourself to be capable enough to handle it all by yourself, things take no time to get complicated. But then you will have none to stay by your side. Hiring a professional accountant will definitely cost you some amount, but it will also help you to get rid of the situation much easily.