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How a Personal Injury Journal Can Help You Seek Fair and Full Compensation

If you have sustained an injury because of somebody else’s negligence, you have probably got plenty of advice. But, you can’t rely on all of them. In fact, only need a few pieces of dependable advice to maximize your injury claim and protect your legal right to compensation.  

Often, it comes to down to getting advice from your Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer and following it. Apart from this, an injury journal can also help you prepare for negotiations or trials.  

How Do Personal Injury Journals Work?

Personal injury journals contain important information on your injury claim. They have details on your accident, its effects on your daily life, and the way the injuries you sustained have limited you. But, your injury journal is not a private notebook. Instead, it can be used as evidence in court. 

What You Injury Journal Should Include?

When you create a personal injury journal, ensure it clearly details your accident as well as the daily or weekly progress of your injuries. Some of the information your journal can have include:

  • How your accident happened. Your injury journal can contain details of your accident, without biases. Try to list the order of events, what sensations you felt, who you speak with, and what you did after the accident. 
  • What you can and cannot do every day. List down the tasks you can complete every day and what you need to reschedule due to pain or limited mobility. 
  • The number of days, weeks, or months you stayed off of work or school. Your injury journal must contain records of every time you need to miss work or school because of pain, therapy, or appointments. 
  • Your medical treatments. Document the treatments you get for your injuries, including the medical professionals you were seeing, your appointments, and any updates given to you.

Importance of Having an Injury Journal

Your journal can be beneficial for your claim. As an injured accident victim, you are the only one who knows what you go through every day and how your injuries impact your life. If you will be asked about the effects of your injury on you, you may forget significant details while you try to answer as briefly and clearly as possible. Your journal will detail your limitations due to your injury and how you need to accommodate such limitations. As a result, it makes it more difficult for the responsible party’s insurance provider to deny you full compensation.